VonHaus 24109

Hidden to only those who seek it, Von Haus is truly one of Melboune’s best kept secrets

Located in a tiny room on a laneway off Bourke St, Von Haus is uniquely lovely.  There is hardly enough space for the 5 high top tables and stools and the jumbled collection of booze and newspapers give it a living-room type feel.  It encourages you to relax and be comfortable.

The menu changes most days and is proudly displayed on a chalkboard pride of place next to the bar.  It’s simple fare – sandwiches, salads, stews in winter – but they do it well.  How they do such a good job is a mystery, don’t look too closely at the compact kitchen taking up a corner of the bar.  Anything with salmon or trout is usually pretty tasty in my experience.

Wines line the walls not taken up by a garish print (again, don’t look too closely, especially if you are on a lunch break as you will get lost in the labyrinth of crazies depicted and may never find your way back to work), with a brief but interesting selection from both near and far.  Available beers change regularly and are often displayed on the bar and focus on interesting local options.

There are three tables outside and if the sun is shining you can hide out here confident that no one you know would ever find you. I highly recommend sharing an Emerson’s 1812 with someone nice in this miniature suntrap.

I drop in for lunch once every couple of weeks and this unassuming little kitchen and bar never fails to improve my day.

It’s also great for showing off the Melbourne aesthetic of laneway bars and hidden gems and your out-of town friends will be suitably impressed with your urban savvy.


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